Minutes – 2015-01-08

Thursday January 8, 2015

Home of Ed VE4EAR/VE4VT


Eighth Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group


Meeting began slightly after 7:30pm CST


In attendance:

Ed VE4EAR (host)

Adam VE4SN


Cary VE4EA




Kelly VE4XT



Welcome to the 1st anniversary of RSMB!


Last minutes:

Ed VE4EAR: motion to accept the minutes of the November meeting as posted on website.

VE4XT, VE4SN second.

All in favour.  Passed.


VE4EAR: welcoming remarks.

Welcome to new member Harm VE4HAZ/VA4HZ.  No guests.


Discussion on Adam VE4SN retiring from QSL bureau service.  Harm VE4HAZ will be assuming/taking over the QSL bureau for Manitoba.  Adam started in 1989.

Card checking discussion ensued.

Cary commented about having part of the meetings used for checking cards.


Treasurers’ Report:


$12 donation from prior meeting at Adam VE4SN from members. Thank you Adam and Syliva.

Bank balance: 368.60 $ CDN


Letter of appreciation:

Ed VE4EAR commented that he sent Matt K7BG a reply for his comment about the awarding of the memorializing over VE4VV plague.



Ed VE4YU motioned to renew the SS CW low power plaque for 75$US continuous annually.

Kelly VE4XT seconded.  Discussion.  Carried.


Discussion: sponsor RAC award or another event.


Discussion: sponsor awards for entry level DX/contestors to encourage participation

IE: # contests entered with 100 contacts or over.


Discussion: club presentation to new ham students at courses to discuss DX/contesting and HF activity.

Powerpoint with 3 members present.  Chief instructors VE4DPR and VE4RIC will be contacted from Ed about presentation.

Discussion: Cary mentioned Ed VE4EAR is presenting at WARC Jan meeting on his Dxpedition.


Summarize:  Our group needs to formulate the prior discussions.





Spotting System:

How to get information of what people want.  Post on website?

Use CNR for chat.

Dan VE4DRK mentioned about having one local cell # to text to all registered cells.  Dan will implement and provide information when complete.



February 2015 meeting:

Date and location to be determined.


Ed, VE4EAR mentioned about the DX Challenge.  Some members have already submitted their contest entries for the 2014 year.

Put all context logs into your preferred general logging database (ie: HRD).



List of DXPeditions:

Big one: Nevassa.  Iran.  Laos.  Cocos.


Ed YU mentioned that Cary VE4EA, Ed VE4EAR and Ed VE4YU are in the top 10 in Canada for the W1AW 2014 contest.


Great food/drink and presentation on East Timor.


Thank you Ed and Jennifer for hosting the meeting.


73, Dan ve4drk



RadioSport Manitoba  Membership Payment Records


(As Of  31 December 2014)


CALLSIGN               NAME                        INITIATION FEE                MEMBERSHIP FEE


VE4DRK                    Dan Keizer                              30.00                                       25.00


VE4DXR                    Leor Drury                              30.00                                       25.00


VE4EA                       Cary Rubenfeld                      30.00                                       25.00


VE4GV                       Rob Kaufman                         30.00                                       25.00


VE4SN                       Adam Romanchuk                  30.00                                       25.00


VE4VT                       Ed Richardson                                    30.00                                       25.00


VE4XT                       Kelly Taylor                            30.00                                       25.00


VE4YU                       Ed Henderson                         30.00                                       25.00


240.00                          200.00



(As Of  10 March 2015)


CALLSIGN               NAME                        INITIATION FEE                MEMBERSHIP FEE


VE4DRK                    Dan Keizer                              X                                             25.00


VE4DXR                    Leor Drury                              X                                             25.00


VE4EA                       Cary Rubenfeld                      X                                             25.00


VE4GV                       Rob Kaufman                         X                                             25.00


VE4SN                       Adam Romanchuk                  X                                             25.00


VE4VT                       Ed Richardson                                    X


VE4XT                       Kelly Taylor                            X


VE4YU                       Ed Henderson                         X                                             25.00






Radio Sport Manitoba Interim Financial Report 2015


(Prepared by Ed Henderson VE4YU  – RadioSportManitoba Treasurer)



Opening Balance at      30 April  2014                                            $  305.00 

Opening Balance at 1st January  2015                                           $  368.60 




Interim Report To 28 February 2015





CATEGORY                                                                        February                       YEAR TO DATE



Annual Membership Fee ($25.00)              $     0.00                        $   150.00

Initiation Fee ($30.00)                                $     0.00                        $       0.00

Donations                                                   $     0.00                        $     12.00


Total Income February/2015                $     0.00                        $  162.00





CATEGORY                                                                        February                       YEAR TO DATE


Plaque for SS CW SOP LOW (2016?)  $    92.15                      $    92.15


Total Expenditures February/2015      $    92.15                      $    92.15


Previous Balance (January)                                         $  518.60


February (Income – Expenditures)   ($  0.00 $   92.15)   =   $    92.15        


Assets as of  28 February 2015   ($  518.60 –  $ 92.15) =   426.45




Report prepared by Ed Henderson VE4YU Treasurer








As of  28  FEBRUARY 2015


I,  Ed Henderson, VE4YU, have the following funds held by me on behalf of

the Members  of  RadioSportManitoba  Contest & DX  Club.



THE  SUM  OF:     $ 426.45 (Four Hundred and Twenty Six  Dollars …… 45/100)







Ed Henderson VE4YU