Minutes – 2014-11-20

Thursday November 20, 2014

Home of Adam VE4SN


Seventh Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group


Meeting began slightly after 7:00pm CST


In attendance:

Adam VE4SN (host)



Cary VE4EA




Not Present:

Rob VE4GV absent

Kelly VE4XT absent


Last minutes:

Ed VE4EAR: motion to accept the minutes of the September meeting as posted on website.

VE4EA, VE4SN second.

All in favor.  Passed.


VE4EAR: welcoming remarks.

No new members tonight.  No guests.

Ed VE4EAR commented we that should recommend Harm VE4HAZ attend next meeting – possible to join the group.

Cary VE4EA mentioned possibility of having requirements of members to make a predefined number of contacts per year during contests to ensure members are actively participating.

Harm VE4HAZ to be invited to the next meeting.


Treasurers’ Report:


No change, same balance.

Bank balance: 356.60 $ CDN

Documents attached at end of minutes.


Letter of appreciation:

From Matt K7BG letter was read.  Our president will reply to that note of appreciation.


Discussion on club callsign.

Further discussion on possibility of claiming the VE4VV callsign.  Dan VE4DRK can be custodian as he has no two letter call.  Leor VE4DXR also only as a 3 letter call.

Lengthy discussion on 2 letter callsigns across Canada.

Ed asked when would we want to use a club callsign.  How would we use the club callsign, under what contests/etc.

Open calls – and recommendations.  3 letters for club.  2 letters option.

Adam will call IC to confirm options for registering 2 letter call for club.


RAC Winter contest:
Sat Dec 27, 2014.  VE4RAC.

Leor VE4DXR volunteered to take the VE4RAC contest to work the RAC Canada Winter Contest.


Spotting System:

How do we notify everyone of juicy DX.

Options: text messaging, skype, phone call, cluster.  Repeater?  RF PacketCluster?

Jabber, CFARS,   etc.

Repeater VE4CNR – to approach Walter VE4VB regarding use of his repeater for intermittent club spotting activities.

We would like to get written permission from Walter to use.

Ed will talk to him on Monday.


Sweapsteaks Review:

Ed VE4YU said 10m was good.

Ed/Cary said Saturday night was gangbusters .. 120-140 / hr.

40 m transition was brutal.  15/10 was good – 40 was brutal.

Ed EAR started on 15.  Ed YU started on 10.

Cary noted that Rob VE4GV went to VE6SV and went to Edmonton to work high power unlimited and has 3rd place in the world.  Top 10 finish.


Winnipeg Antenna Protocol:

CDN Fed of Municipalities.  Trying to standardize a Canadian protocol across Canada.

Trying to address the cellular companies putting up too many towers.

Could affect amateurs ability to erect towers.  The current revised draft will require an amateur to notify the city- regardless of height.

If antenna and tower exceed 15m in height city may require you to go through the consultation process.  IE: Notify neighbors, public consultation, etc.

City can’t say no if less than 15’.  They are allowed to ask you questions regarding the installation.  No fee for under 15m.

Over 15m may charge over $1000 fee.

Ed VE4EAR sitting on committee from two points.  Amateur and city.

Ed will be submitting a report to the committee… 1 on behalf of amateurs and 1 on behalf of City of Winnipeg.


  • Eliminate notification for < 15m for amateur use
  • reduce or eliminate the fee for the application process.

Which is consistent with the status quo now.


IC has jurisdiction.  Land use authority wants notification over 15m .. .can dictate where used.


Current procedure:

15’ no problem no issue.

15-20 notify city but no big issue.

Over 21m get a process in place.



Read the draft. If questions – ask Derek or Ed.

Cary asks if this can be reviewed by RAC Ottawa with their feedback and lawyer review.

Some sites:



(Secretary note: most of the wordings discuss the commercial use of towers – where is the reference to amateurs)


December Meeting Plans:

Leor VE4DXR asked if he can host it.  Dec 26 – Jan 1.

Dec 28, 29, 30 (Sun/Mon/Tue)

Ed VE4EAR will send out a notice.   Adam VE4SN can’t make Dec 29 (Monday).



DXPeditions of note:

Ed VE4EAR circulated a paper describing the next 2 months.

Adam VE4SN read an editorial from “The DX Magazine” – regarding DX.

Also releases a weekly (Wed) DX Spot sheet.


Cary VE4EA asked if anyone else had intentional QRM on the last contest.  Others had said yes.


Ed VE4EAR’s review of his DX pedition.

Would he do it again?  Yes.

Ed VE4EAR has pictures.

He will also be giving a presentation to the WARC meeting in February.

It was a great experience.  He learned a lot, especially being on the other side of the DX pile-ups.

Frustrating items:   4-6 people in DXpedition.  Who was going to bring what etc.

One took ill and could not attend.  Another person’s timetable didn’t match the groups and did a stint prior to the main group getting there.  Another individual got a new job and could not attend as could not get off work.  Some equipment didn’t show up.  Had 2 stations.  Used 2 of the SteppIR vertical antennas (CrankIR).  Manually change the bands by moving the antenna.  No beam.  Beams may not be usefull in DXpeditions all the itme.  Weight issues for travelling are considerations though.  Spider-beams would be useful and popular.  2 of the crankIR’s fit into a golf travel case.

50’ bamboo pole with inverted V’s.  15,000CW contacts for 2 weeks.

CrankIR outperformed the trapped vertical.  Being close to the ocean, the wave noise was continuous and loud.  Very difficult to get used to.

High-tide was about 2am .. still loud.

Antennas performed well next to the ocean running 100watts barefoot.

2 stations were close and did not have band-pass filters (as others didn’t show up) – hard to get both stations on the air at the same time.

Propagation was poor.  Because of skip zone (Australia, and then middle of ocean).   9am-5pm 20m is dead.  Openings to NA at 8am (6pm local here) – and often, long-path.

The entire 10m band was occupied by local pirates.  (Indonesia etc).  Not usable.

Late in afternoon, worked 10-12m into Europe.  Reasonable signals.   Get spotted – then instant pile-up.

Working pile-ups 5-25 KHz up eventually.

Tip of the day.  Don’t work 5 or 10 – -but just call in the middle.

Italians have set up tricks to abbreviate the calls to get the stations.

End of the trip – started working JA’s.  The JA’s were loud.

800 in the last 5 hours they were there.


The group was treated to munchies and drinks courtesy of Adam and his XYL Sylvia.

Discussion on upcoming events.

http://www.ng3k.com/misc/adxo.html  (thanks Ed)

The group was treated to a tour of Adam VE4SN’s station.

After a long tour, the group dissipated late in the night roughly around 1130pm.

RSM Financial Report November 2014 RSM FUNDS HELD November2014

RSM Financial Report November 2014