Minutes – 2014-09-11

Wednesday September 11, 2014

Home of Ed VE4YU

Sixth Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMM) group

 Meeting began slightly after 7:30pm.

In attendance:

Ed VE4YU (host)

Adam VE4SN


Cary VE4EA



Not Present:

Rob VE4GV absent

Leor VE4DXR absent

Kelly VE4XT absent


 Last minutes:

Ed VE4EAR motion to accept as posted on website.

VE4YU, VE4EA second.

All in favor.  Passed.


VE4EAR: welcoming remarks.

No new members tonight.

The group discussed the option of having Harm VE4HAZ, Peter VE4TTH as possible members.

Discussion on options of non-local members.

Tabled for next month about further discussion for non-local membership.  Initial view was to have the group membership solely for local.


Treasurers’ Report:


Plaque cost is  75$US and was paid.

Bank balance: 356.60 $ CDN

VE4EA Motion that RSMB donate $100 to the 4W DXpedition.  Adam VE4SN second.

Discussion: Ed VE4EAR commented we reduce to $50 to support. Discussion to possibly hold off until Ed hears more about costs/etc.



Field Day Report:

Cary VE4EA published the field day report.  Published on WARC Newsletter.

Equipment is an issue.

Discussion surrounded we need a new tri-band antenna for field day.


DXPeditions to note:


French Polynesia

Marianana Islands

Norfolk Island

4W – Ed will be running 500 watts.

Market Reef

Christmas Island





Ed highlighted the big contests in yellow.

Sept VHF contest is this weekend.

NA SSB Sprint this weekend.

48 hr contest… CQWW DX RTTY. Sept 27.

Arizona QSO Party.

California QSO Party.

CQWW SSB end of Oct.


TY1AA (personal note, Cary mentioned)


Ed VE4YU has a presentation.

Presentation 1 –

Myanmar XZ1A

E44DX – Palestine.

H40AA – Solomon Islands.

BY1DX – China

B1A – China

BT1WW – China

BS7H – Scarborough Reef – south china sea.

P51BH – North Korea


Presentation 2:

FT5ZM Amsterdam Island DXpedition – K0IR.

Ed VE4YU demoed his station and his memorabilia!

Ed VE4EAR called an end to the RSM meeting 10:15pm.

Ed VE4SN can host the Oct meeting.


2014-09 Treasurer report