Minutes – 2014-06-25

Wednesday June 25, 2014

Home of Cary VE4EA

Fifth Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMM) grouo.

 Meeting began slightly after 7:04pm.


In attendance:



Cary VE4EA (host)



Kelly VE4XT




Jerry VE6TL

Shelley K7MKL



Peter VE4TTH joined at 8pm.


Not present:

Adam VE4SN


Last minutes:

Ed VE4EAR motion to accept as posted on website.

VE4YU, VE4EA second.

All in favor.  Passed.


VE4EAR: welcoming remarks.

Welcoming to Jerry Spring VE6TL, Shelley Parker K7MKL, Jack Parker, W6NF / VE4SNA from Reno Nevada.  Jim VE4SIG on field day organizing.

Thanks to VE4EA for hosting.



Treasurers’ Report:


Plaque cost is  75$US

Bank balance: 440$CDN – 75$US.

Fees are $30 initial. $25 yearly.

Ed motioned to accept treasurer’s report: VE4EA, VE4DRK second.


Field Day plans:


Jerry handed out t-shirts for the operating of field day.

Field Day: 3 purposes –

1)      Emergency aspect

2)      Bring new people into the Hobby … promote amateur radio.

3)      Contesting …


Jerry was invited to participate with Winnipeg field day from Cary VE4EA.

Jim SIG commented on field day preparations and the setup coordination items.

Discussion ensured regarding the walk-through.

Jim commented that the contesting has been delegated to Cary to setup.


Rob VE4GV mentioned the need to have a tour-guide type of individual with each station to ensure that if someone comes in there is someone there to talk to.


3 Stations – we need 3 external speakers so that the public can hear.

There needs to be someone on the GOTA station all the time. (Get On The Air)

Identifying the newbies and show them how to get on the air, operating principles etc.

GOTA will also double as the 6m station.

Must use separate callsign than ve4bb.

Kelly VE4XT commented about how green people can be and we need to provide information they will understand.

Rob VE4GV commented about how some people with HF privs don’t operate HF and only operate 2m/etc.  We need to show them how to operate HF.

Invite others to participate via the net.

2m simplex can’t be 146.52  usuaully 146.55 or 146.58.  Recommendation to use 146.58.

Should be communicated.

Cary VE4EA commented how ARES is very strong in WPG – and how the social aspect is important.

VE4HAY has a 2m repeater in his trailer – we could use his antenna.

Operating the Yagi – 15/20m at same time

40m – big focus – will have 3 antennas.  Alpha delta dipole, g5rv, and phased verticals being built tomorrow.  May be another 40m loop available.


Meet at seniors club at 8 for pickups, on-site at 9:30.  Location: Grant and shaftsbury @ CMU.


Generators were discussed.  Jerry VE6TL commented that with the number of stations running 2 minimum, 3 would be better.


Computers – Jerry VE6TL and Jack W6NF/VE4SNA spent time on radios and computers.   Jack took one of the club computers home to setup and work on.

Jerry brought 2 laptops with him and both functional.  All computers are talking to each other.  Using WIFI.  Took big amount of time to get it working.  3 stations are functional on WIFI.

Jim VE4SIG provided computers.  Standalone – not networked.  Also provided are mesh wifi radios/routers.

HSMM to 55 Nassau – not sure if we can have line of sight?  Derek VE4HAY is looking into this.


Lunch – ralph is cooking brats on the BBQ.

Saturday night – pizza/salad.

Sunday morning —   coffee / muffins.


Bring deet and umbrella.

Bring coffee cup, KFS, and a chair.



Peter VE4TTH – discussing the antennas.  80m dipole can be hoisted and brought.  Coax length

He will bring coax roll and antenna.  RG8/RG58 coax rolls.

Jim VE4SIG is bringing power launcher (bazooka) to get rope over trees.

Leor has a 40-50’ push up mast

40m full wave loop has also been brought up as an option.

Satellite operation is an option …

Discussion regarding the number of antennas and the setup of those and space requirements.


Need to have a person in charge and dictating what goes where at the setup time.  Tell people where they need to put things and have it setup.


Modes:  Phone, CW/RTTY/PSK31 possible setup?  Some may be working.

Cary VE4EA will take the role of indicating where things should be setup. Feedlines etc.

Ed VE4EAR asked regarding feedline chokes.  Jerry VE6TL indicates hasn’t used them much in operating.


Cary VE4EA mentioned we are 20minutes over our time limit .. it’s 8:20pm – need a break and have food break/drinks/etc.


All enjoyed the food and refreshments Cary and his wife had setup.


Ed VE4EAR – wrap up the RSM meeting.

We won’t be meeting until Sept.

Be aware of: not a lot of upcoming DXpeditions.

2 picked up on …

Cocoa Keelings July 29.

Christmas Island Aug 2. (Indian ocean)

(same guys operating).

Most team DXpeditions don’t start until the fall.


Upcoming contests: Canada day contest.  Ed VE4YU is using VE4RAC.

IARU contest July 12 – big one.    K1A – K1Z and  W1A – W1Z ….


NAQP rtty july 19.

Cqww vhf july 19.

Island hunting IOTA contest July 26

NAQP CW Aug 2.


NAQP SSB Aug 16.


Ed VE4YU will contact ARRL and confirm club RSMB is registered.

Cary VE4EA was asking about who is operating the IARU contest.


Ed VE4EAR called an end to the RSM meeting.

Ed VE4YU can host the Sept meeting.



8:45 pm .. Cary VE4EA invited Jerry VE6TL – geophysicist – to present on Solar Physics and Amateur Radio.

Part 1 – the sun.

a)     Theory:

b)     Practice:


These are Dan’s notes on what Jerry was presenting – not Jerry’s notes – all errors are mine.


Sun basics.  Ground/satellite measurement instrumentation.

Sunspots – magnetic fields.

Coronal holes – bad for propogation.   Field lines don’t merge- solar winds cause more solar wind pressure and a higher k index.

28 days rotation at the ends, 25 days of rotation in the middle.


400 km/sec – solar wind speed . if greater than this then HF conditions not great.  If lesser, then could be ok. For frequencies 10-80m …  F layers are affecting by it as well.

CME’s can be 600-800 km/s…  2-3 days it takes to get here.

Sunspot cycles .. currently cycle 24.

Solar flux – amount of energy going through 1 sq meter.



Solarham.com – good reference.

Visual and magnetogram. – magnetrogram is more accurate description of conditions.

Solar wind …

Bz – better conditions when positive.  Earth directed component to the sun … if negative – then earth won’t deflect energy.

Working aurora  – 6m 2m where propagation exists for a few hundred miles where none exists prior.

Point north and work guys south – it’s like a big reflector …


A index –

K index – updated every 3 hrs . departure of normal magnetic field … 13 locations measured around earth.

Bigger the K, the worse the propogation.  If above 3, don’t turn the radio on — can be area specfiic.

A index is K index averaged over 24 hr period.

(A = absorption … D layer).

K index varies across the world based on location.

Kp = planetary K index around sites …




K index above 5 is considered a magnetic storm .. can cause havac.


x-rays indicate flares – can knock out hf comms.  A,B,C,M,X – scales of flares – higher numbers 10x the prior, ie Logarithmic


X-RAY: watts/sqmeter.  B5.5 = 10-6 * 5.5.


Proton Flux:  arrive first during a solar storm…

If gradual increase – can provide best conditions.

If immediate increase – storm coming – bad conditions.


304A index – during peak of a cycle.  (304 angstroms). Ionizing the atmosphere within F2 layer.

If 304A is 197 would have fantastic condition.

2 measurement points on satellites.  SDO … currently 98 – not that great.

G scale.

S scale. Solar radiation.

R scale – radio blackouts.

Aurora oval – 10 canned images are used to pick the image of what it looks like for aurora activity.


MUF map.

Crtical F2 map.

CDN space weather predictions.

http://www.spaceweather.ca ….


Prediction software is available.

Beacons network

Reverse beacon network.


DX Cluster K7FED


EM diagram – opacity.

Jerry’s links:  can he send them to us?  He will think about options.







Radio Sport Manitoba Interim Financial Report 2014


(Prepared by Ed Henderson VE4YU  – RadioSportManitoba Treasurer  2014)






Opening Balance as of  30 April  2014                                           $  305.00 




Report For JUNE 2014





CATEGORY                                                                           JUNE                            YEAR TO DATE



2014 Membership Fee ($25.00)                           $    00.00                       $   200.00

Initiation Fee ($30.00)                                $    00.00                       $   240.00


Total Income                                            $  00.00                        $  440.00







    $  75.00 (US)           $   75.00 (US) 



Balance As Of  25 June 2014      (Income – Expenditures)

                                                 ($ 440.00 – $ 75.00 (US))             approx $ 358.25

                                                                 (about $ 81.75C)          










Report prepared by Ed Henderson VE4YU Treasurer