Minutes – 2014-05-28

Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Home of Rob Kaufman, VE4GV

Fourth Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group.

In Attendance:

  • VE4YU Ed H.
  • VE4SN Adam
  • VE4EA Cary
  • VE4GV Rob
  • VE4EAR Ed R.
  • VE4DRK Dan
  • VE4DXR Leor

Regrets: VE4XT Kelly

Radiosport Manitoba – Contest Group – May 28, 2014

President – VE4EAR(VT)-Ed Richardson
V. President – VE4EA-Cary Rubenfeld
Treasurer – VE4YU – Ed Henderson
Secretary – VE4DRK-Dan Keizer


  1. Approve Minutes of April 29 meeting
  2. President’s remarks
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Ed VE4YU
  4. Awards, SS plaque update – Kelly VE4XT
  5. Manitoba contest records Update – Ed VE4EAR
  6. Field Day update and planning – Cary VE4EA.
  7. RAC Contest – Who will be RAC?
  8. New business – New equipment, construction, repair plans
  9. Upcoming DXpeditions:
  10. Contest Calendar
  11. Roundatble Soap box – Major accomplishments, plans, asks for assistance
  12. Dayton Recap – Cary, Rob Leor
  13. Software sharing
  14. Shack Tour

Links and Resources:

 Future Meeting Dates:

Wednesday, June 25 – Home of Cary VE4EA – Topics: RAC, Fields Day,
– Guest Speaker Jerry VE6TL – Solar Propagation,  Possibly Include XYL’s – TBA
Jack  VE4SNA (W6NF)  & Shelley K7MKL will attend


Meeting started slightly after 7pm.

Last minutes:

Ed VE4EAR motion to accept minutes as posted.

VE4GV, VE4YU seconded.

All in favor.  Passed.


VE4EAR: welcoming remarks.

Thanks VE4GV for hosting.

Hear about Dayton.

Recap latest goings on.


Treasurers’ Report:


$25 membership fee.

Total membership fees as of today: $150.

Initiation fees.  $180.

Total= $330.



Cary mentioned: Had discussion with Derek VE4HAY .. he encourages us to become a SIG under WARC.  Control our own money too.  We can still keep it a closed group.  Value is liability insurance.

RAC had initially rejected the idea of having a regional/provincial wide body for insurance purposes.

Tabled discussion for future meeting.

Adam moved to accept.  Cary seconded.

All in favor.


Read out Email from VE4XT in response to Plaque sponsorship progress.


MB Score Records.  Ed VE4EAR will send to Dan to post on website.  CQ WW, SS, ND QSO party.


Field Day:

Rob VE4GV and Ed VE4EAR presented at last WARC meeting for field day.


Cary reporting on Field Day preparation:

Is it possible to send out an email blast about email?

Ed VE4YU presented to Cary a schedule for field day operations and will look after the operating scheduling.

VE6TL and VE4YU VE4EA coordinating.

Cary suggesting 4 hr shifts in 2hr blocks.

3 Stations.

1 teaching station.

1 “get on the air” station for new guys.

1 contest operating station.


Would like to have 2 people per station per shift.

Gerry is sending some equipment.

Station setup – ARES, DEREK, TENT.

Jerry, Jack, Cary will be there most of the time.

Most of RSMB will attend.

VE4TTH Peter will attend and operate.

SSB/CW/RTTY/6m VHF.  Bob RCJ volunteered his 6M yagi.

Points: 1pt phone.  2pts for digital/cw modes.

Gerry and Ed VE4EAR are RTTY ops.


Setup time for field day will be up to Jim VE4SIG.  Coordination of trailers etc.

WARC has the use of WSC seniors club old generator.

Seniors bought a new generator.  Ed VE4YU fired it up and checked it out.  Would be useful to take it out and test it.  He will talk to Gil .  2400 model from cdn tire?

Cary VE4EA will service it if he can get it in advance.

Leor VE4DXR has solar panels.  5 amps each.  Lithium phosphate batteries.

Cary asked Werner to come out and do satellite.  Being discussed.

Tour of ISS station at SHS is being discussed to take place.

Leor VE4DXR talked about bringing a Kite antenna for 80/40/etc.


RAC Contest.  Canada Day Contest:

Who wants the callsign.  July 1.  Friday at 7. Until Sat at 7pm.

VE4YU indicated he can run the RAC callsign.



New business:


Upcoming DX peditions:

Adam VE4SN mentioned the 2015 DXpedition to VK0IR HURD ISLAND.  Article in DX magazine regarding the DXpedition in 1979 to HURD island.


Ed VE4EAR distributed an upcoming contest calendar.  Will post to group.

Discusssion ensued.

Ed was interested in the Albania, Cocos Keeling, Christmas.


Cary handed out a paper for members to write their callsign on for a draw?


January sprint:

Rob, Ed, Ed, Kelly.  Came in 23rd.  avg 60,000 points per operator.

Rob made 1100 QSOs.




Gord VE4GV has an issue with antenna rotator NF.

Leor VE4DXR needs help with setting up CW with N1MM for decode.

N1MM+ is available soon? New version will have interface with CW.

Cary VE4EA has issues with Antenna feedline possibly?  Receive would drop out occasionally.

Loose connection somewhere?  Possibly driven element or some such.

When keying it comes back on TX – possible arcing on gap?


Adam VE4SN won NCJ journal.

Ed VE4EAR won certificate from VE4GV

Rob VE4GV – contest university VE4GV card.

Dan VE4DRK – won a bag ARRL 100 year.

Leor VE4DXR – won a DX Engineering hat.


Dayton Recap: 26thousand plus?  Noticed that most at contest university were elderly.

Were lots of junque in flea market.  Lots of amplifiers.

Leor VE4DXR this was his first Dayton.  Was quite an experience he indicated.

Enthusiastic discussion enveloped the group surrounding previous experiences at various events/ham ‘ventions etc.


Tower discussion:

15m no consultation required.

Over 15m to 21m supposed to notify city of Winnipeg that it is being done. But not subject to any inspection or fees.

Over 21m they want to go through public consultation.

LB Tower in Russell was mentioned as local supplier.


Munchies and refreshments were enjoyed, courtesy of our host Rob VE4GV

Station tour of Rob’s setup and nice radio station.  Rob says it’s tight and warm.


1R2O presentation – forwarded to Gord.

Discussion from Cary on some of the presentation material – he will forward to post on the web site.

Adjourn at 10pm.





Radio Sport Manitoba Interim Financial Report 2014

(Prepared by Ed Henderson VE4YU  – RadioSportManitoba Treasurer  2014)

 Opening Balance as of  30 April  2014                                           $  305.00 

 Report For May 2014


CATEGORY                                                    MAY                             YEAR TO DATE

2014 Membership Fee ($25.00)      $    75.00                       $  200.00

Initiation Fee ($30.00)                           $    60.00                       $   240.00

 Total Income                                            $  135.00                      $  440.00

EXPENDITURES                                          $   0.00                          $      0.00 

 Balance As Of  31 May 2014       (Income – Expenditures)

                                                        ($ 440.00 – $ 0.00)                 $  440.00


  Report prepared by Ed Henderson VE4YU Treasurer