Minutes – 2014-04-29

Tuesday, April 29, 2014.

Home of Kelly Taylor, VE4XT

Third Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group.


In Attendance:

  • VE4YU Ed H.
  • VE4SN Adam
  • VE4EA Cary
  • VE4GV Rob
  • VE4EAR (ve4vt) Ed R.
  • VE4XT Kelly
  • VE4DRK Dan
  • VE4DXR Leor



The Agenda for the evening looks like this



Radiosport Manitoba – Contest Group – April 29, 2014

  1. Approve Minutes of March  13 meeting
  2. Welcome New members
  3. President’s remarks
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Ed VE4YU
  5. Introduction of Proposed budget – Ed VE4YU
  6. Items for Discusion and Adoption
    –  Annual memebership fees
    –  Sponsoorship of awards
    –  Free or low cost bank account?

–  Membership limitations

–  WARC Presentation

–  Field Day Day Plans

– Sharing of SW, Links etc

g.   Upcoming Dxpeditions of Note

h.   Contest Calendar

i.    Roundatble Soap box – Major accomplishments, plans, asks for assuiistance

j.    Technical Presentation – Stub demonstration
Future Meeting Dates:
Wednesday, May 28 – Home of Rob VE4GV – Topic TBA
Wednesday, June 25 – Home of Cary VE4EA – Topics: RAC, Fields Day,
– Guest Speaker Jerry VE6TL – Solar Propagation,  Possibly Include XYL’s – TBA
Jack  VE4SNA (W6NF)  & Shelley K7MKL will attend

Links and Resources:

Tips on Being a Better Contest Operator – K5ZD



(NOTE: Need to know who seconded the sponsorship motion – did not write it down).

Meeting call to order 1920 local time.



“Acceptance of last meetings minutes”

Seconded By Ed VE4YU/



Ed VE4EAR welcomes new member: VE4DXR, LEOR DRORY.

Brief history:  Licensed in Nov 2011.  Active since Dec 2011. Enjoys contesting and DXing and learning more about DXing and contesting.  Interested in expanding operation into CW/Phone.


General note from all – it is great to get together and discuss all things HF/DX/Contesting — filling the void.



”All members make a $30 initial and $25 annual membership fee”

Seconded: Kelly VE4XT

Discussion:  Renewal/fiscal year of club to be May to May year over year renewal.



Discussion ensued on setup of banking. Noted that Assiniboine Credit Union is used by MRS.  Possible to get non-profit status and club account.  Would require two signatures.



Ed VE4YU to establish an account to administer the funds of the group.  Funds will be held in trust in his personal name.

Seconded: Dan VE4DRK



Ed VE4YU prepared a budget – included at the end of this document.

Discussion arose on what the budget will be used for.  Event sponsorship is primary.

RAC and other groups provide new hams a 1 year free membership.  Discussion ensued on supporting an individual for new prospect ham.

Sponsorship discussion ensued on plaques/awards for contesting “rookie of the year” “rookie roundup” etc.

Discussion regarding subscription support to: NCJ, RAC, QST etc. instead of plaque/award.

NCJ is issued every 2 months.  US$37 approx.

The DX Magazine, another option.

Discussion ensued on exclusion of RSMB members to receive.  Could be handled as a ‘draw’ with a minimum entry of 100 QSO’s on any mode/any band for the contest in question.

Option to sponsor Canada Day Contest.  Open to VE4’s.  ‘rookie’  option.

Email or paper-copy of LOG sheet required.

Discussion instead of Canada Day contest (being so close) – use CANADA WINTER CONTEST instead.  This provides more visibility/publicity ahead.  Kelly VE4XT to write up article about the group/formation and sponsorship of award at Canada Winter Contest.



“RSMB to sponsor a 1 year membership to NCJ for Manitoba participants making a minimum of 100 contacts in the 2014 RAC WINTER CONTEST”.  Determination of winner to be recognized by RSM members  as encouragement into the contest.

Seconded: ???

DISCUSSION: whether to include RAC Canada Day contest as well.  ONLY RAC WINTER CONTEST.


Discussion ensued on sponsorship plaque for SS (CW) or QRP?  RE: VE4VV memorium.



“RSMB sponsor ARRL SS CW LP award plaque, in memory of VE4VV (if available for sponsorship).”

Cary also checked on-line and noted it is available for sponsorship.






Do we want to have membership limitation, or by invitation.

Demonstrated DX’ing or contesting involvement required.  Recommended to be by invitation only.

Community is small enough to know who is active.



Rob VE4GV has power point assembled.

Will discuss: What is field day. What is purpose of field day etc.

Possible setup of 3 stations: 15, 20, 40/80

VE4SIG and VE4VZ coordinating Field Day.

VE4EA mentioned to move to next level with support from VE6 indvidual

Phone, CW, etc.

Who will attend?  VE4EA, VE4YU, VE4GV, VE4DXR, VE4DRK, VE4XT, VE4SN, VE4EAR (possible),

Need a schedule for operators.  VE4EA will delegate someone to make up a schedule of operators.


ED VE4EAR mentioned to bring a USB stick to next meeting to share documents/etc.

Dan VE4DRK to look at what size limits are available to upload info to the website.



Adam VE4SN mentioned 2015 HEARD ISLAND VK0 prefix.  Farthest contact from MB

Ed VE4EAR mentioned team going to Aves Island.  YW0A.  Starting April 29/30. Caribbean island.  Only 1 week attendance

Contest of note: coming weekend.  7th area QSO, IN QSO party, NE QSO party.  Sat morning local time. IN/NE later in the day.  Sunday mostly NE.

CQ WPX May 24/25 CW.

ARRL June VHF contest JUNE 14.

FIELD day June 26.

RAC Canada Day Contest July 1.

IARU (WRTC) – 2nd week in July.  MB / SK in zone 3 – sought after zone for this contest.


Ed VE4YU showed a QSL card from 1957 .. large format card.

VE4DXR needs help with RTTY with N1MM.  Group will help getting him setup.

VE4SN wants a DX expedition to Scarborough reef. J

Discussion – Adam had been chasing HEARD island for 6 months.  Discussed his first contact with station and how it occurred.



ED VE4YU accepted membership dues.

ED VE4EAR discussed ‘stubs’ and handed out pamphlet discussing specifics.  Thanks Ed!


Discussion on other contesting information:

Contesting.com  CQ reflecdtor.



TOUR OF Kelly VE4XT station setup!


Thanks to Kelly for the use of his house and for his hospitality!