Minutes – 2016-10-20

Thursday October 20, 2016
Location: QTH Of Dan VE4DRK

Seventeenth Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group

In attendance:
Cary VE4EA
Kelly VE4XT
Shelley AC0MN
Gerry W1VE – Remote
Jerry VE6TL – Remote
Marty KC1CWF – Remote
Tom VE3CX – Remote
VE6SV – Remote
KE0A – Remote

Adam VE4SN
Nancy KG0YL

Ed VE4EAR started the meeting at 19:20

Prior meeting minutes passed.
Motion: Ed VE4EAR, Harm VE4HAZ. Approved.

Welcome to John VE4VJR – joining as a guest and prospective member of RSM.

General comment: Conditions have not been great the last while, but conditions are changing.

Harm VE4HAZ Treasurer Report:
Bank Account gained 3cents.
Balance at Sep 30 $969.34
ARRL sponsorship is up to date for this year and we can cover for next year 2017 if necessary. $70US+fees.
Pay after Nov 8 
Move to accept: Cary VE4EA. Seconder: Leor VE4DXR. Approved.

RAC WINTER CONTEST coming up in Dec. Someone to take VE4RAC Callsign.
Leor VE4DXR will hold call.

VIMY RIDGE 100. Planning a commemorative event station to be setup in VIMY RIDGE in France. Remember the battle. Weeks leading up to event, there will be callsigns available as VE100VIMY / VE4/5/6/etc on air from all provinces.
Looking to see if we would operate under that callsign to work it. March or early April. Many indicated they would participate.

Very informative presentation by Jerry VE6TL on Solar physics/propogation.
Presentation: VE6TL until 21:00hrs

Tom VE3CX discussed some CCO items and contesting points/systems.
Reference: http://www.va3cco.com/sccore/sccore.htm

Until 21:18pm.

Ed mentioned DX expeditions: Provided list.
DX in the morning to south pacific between local 6am-7:30am. Later on 40m even. Sometimes 2 hrs or later on 40 for good conditions.

Major contests coming up. Next weekend CQWWSSB. 48hr pure fun on 20m.

Entering contest month. Large contest every week from next week to the end of Nov. All major contests both CQWW, CW and phone. Sweepstakes. 2 weekends in there.
Phone Frey. NCCC spring Thursdays 0230-0300 CW. All bands, but primarily 40m for MB.
CW Tests Thursdays.
Discussion on Phone sprint and examples.
10 most wanted prefixes discussed.

Next Meeting date discussion
Leor VE4DXR said he can host Thursday Nov 17 at his place.

2136hrs meeting adjourned.

Harm distributed QSL cards. He had a TON of W1AW cards to distribute.

Everyone departed roughly 2200hrs.