Minutes – 2016-09-22

Thursday September 22, 2016

Location: QTH Of Cary VE4EA


Sixteenth Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group


In attendance:

Cary VE4EA






Adam VE4SN

W1VE Gerry



Kelly VE4XT


Ed VE4EAR started the meeting at 19:38


Prior meeting minutes passed.

Motion: Cary VE4EA, Harm VE4HAZ.  Approved.


Harm Treasurer Report

HF Experience: 

Revenue 1220.00

Expense: 848.37

371.63 profit.


Income stmt:

Reve. 1525.61

Exp: 1001.28

Profit: end of aug .  524.33


Bal sheet:
Paypal: 457.60 ??

Bank: 969.31

Assets: 1426.91

No outstanding liabilities.

Discussion on moving money.  Leave where is.

Adam VE4SN move to accept.  Rob VE4GV seconded.


Canada 150 celebration.  Jan 1, Dec 31 2017.

CG4 == VE4

CF4 = VA4



VE150RAC.  Discussion on opportunities.

In discussion with RAC.  Cary mentioned he has asked.


Ed EAR discussed opportunities for having presenters for future meetings.

Cary EA mentioned he knows of guys who can present with existing slide decks remotely even.


Presentation options:

Low band RX/antennas


Digital. / JT65 contesting.

K3LP –  dxpeditions

Gerry mentioned the 5circle array RX at Vermont.

RF Noise reduction.




Changes announced for the ARRL contest club.  If team entries in ARRL, tightened up a few things. Changed the way you register your team. You send an email to ARRL CSV/TEXT with people to register.

Circle radius 200 miles.  Grid square entered for center of club, then grid squares used to identify radius.

Ed EAR shared grid square locator.

JACK VE4SNA / W6NF – would like to see a group effort for the small/med club entry for RSM.


Upcoming major contests:

CQ WW RTTY this weekend.

Maine and TX QSO parties.

Oct: a few big ones.  Listed on handout.  CQ WW SSB.

Nov. SweepStakes month.  CQ WW DX.


Major DX Peditions:

List provided by Ed EAR

Pitcairn island.

Commorose D66.

South pacific DX peditions on now. Samoe, Noui, (sp)

Sayshells?  Semi-rare.

Lord Howe.


Vietnam in Oct.

Ed EAR needs Cambodia .. Nov.

2017/2018 big ones – a couple of top ten most wanted.


End of business part of the meeting.


Rod KE0A KLUD .. made DXCC Honour Roll. 


Cary talked about CCO, etc and contests.


DX Marathons was discussed.



Ed EAR mentioned.  Policy is to review new memberships before opening it up.

Someone is interested.  John Romanek VE4VJR has applied.  New ham. 

CW Class is being looked at starting next week.

Talked about brochure for new hams etc.



Gerry W1VE Shows sdrplay.

100Khz – 2GHz RX.

N2IC Steve – waterfall bandmap.


Leor – impressed with WinLink RMS express.  Sending/receiving emails/text messages.  Especially when on boat on Lake Winnipeg.  40/80m to pass emails. 


Adam – no projects.  Busy giving out exams. 


Rob: getting XYL out of garden to get RX loop for 160. Pixel technologies via DX Engineer.   160/80 rx loop.


Ed VE4EAR: air conditioner and furnace replaced during summer.  Free kit to remove RFI from furnace.  10m S7 noise.  Filter not properly installed.  Noise back down to S0-S1 on 10m.   Residual on 40/17/10.

  SLP98 lennox – check.


Harm VE4HAZ: 4 montns 18,000km on the road .. lots of time in truck/trailer.  Radio came but no operate. 

DIY Buddy Pole.  15m and up.


Cary VE4EA:  Rx antenna.  Voltage probe antenna.  Same as a car radio.   K3 with diversity rx to pick up weak stations. 



Dan VE4DRK: 6m first.  Digital modes HF. SDR tomorrow!.  GHz networking. 


Tabled discussion on support of WRTC.


Harm distributed QSL cards.  Hearty discussion on QSL cards.



No further business.

Harm VE4HAZ adjourned.  22:05


Meeting Thursday Oct 20.


Meeting adjourned 2204hrs