Minutes – 2014-03-13

Thursday, March 13, 2014.

Second Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group.


In Attendance:

  • VE4YU Ed H.
  • VE4SN Adam
  • VE4EA Cary
  • VE4GV Rob
  • VE4EAR (ve4vt) Ed R.
  • VE4XT Kelly
  • VE4DRK Dan


Note: Notes taken after assignment of note taker (Secretary).


1)      All members gave a brief intro of their background and interest in DX/contesting and the hopes for the group.

2)      Election of Officers

  1. President: VE4EAR Ed R.
  2. Vice President: VE4EA Cary
  3. Treasurer: VE4YU Ed H.
  4. Secretary: VE4DRK Dan

3)      Fees and Dues.  Discussion ensured regarding the types of activities and sponsorships the group would like to proceed with.  Supporting an award plaque (SS LP CW for example) as well as sponsoring DXpeditions, coffee fund etc.  Until such time as we have a proper account, Ed VE4YU will establish the account.   VE4AA is taken by VE4GIL.  VE4WDX is allocated to the “Winnipeg DX Group” by Morin.   Discussion of allocation of VE4VV to club, and custodian as VE4DRK as he is the only member without a 2-letter call. TABLED.

4)      Membership scope was discussed.  Invitation to other members.  Discussion ensued to establish a method of bringing prospective members up at the meeting where it will be discussed and decided upon.  The group will also approach individuals to invite them to join.  Discussed a minimum participation requirement to stay active as a member of the group.  Discussion regarding limitation to VE4/VA4, vs provincial and/or radius of specific area.

5)      Field Day:  WARC has approached the group to provide a presentation at the May (June?) meeting.  Rob’GV and Ed’EAR would be able to tag-team and present at the meeting.  WARC willing to update software and control for radio interface for field day.  RSMB members can provide radios to use as well.  Possible setup of 2 stations.  First station would be a demo station to showcase and educate how to operate.  Second station would be an active contesting station where public can see in operation.  TABLED.  VE6TL has offered to come to WPG.  Jerry is a contest op, chaired CARA, interested in multi-radio contest setup.

6)      Upcoming DXpeditions were discussed. Mellish Reef, Sri Lanka-4S7, Andaman Islands VU4k, Cambodia-XU7, San Andres-HK0/UA4WHX, Palau-T88 etc.

7)      Operating Events were discussed, RAC/ARRL recognition. Cary will operate VE4RAC for Canada Day.    WPX-SSB March 29-30.  IARU July 12-13 (WRTC).  Discussion on logging software:  N1MM vs TR4W.

8)      Next meeting at Kelly VE4XT.  Timing to coincide with VE6SV arriving. Pending date.


(Lively discussion ensued over food and drinks)

Ed’EAR talked about records held in the past and compiling a list of Manitoba awards.

Discussion on a club website.  RadioSportMB or some such.  Dan’DRK to setup template demo site. http://rsmb.keizer.ca to test.

Member information to also include prefixes looking for etc.


Reference: K1TTT – free book.  700 page book.  Building a contest superstation: