Minutes – 2015-12-17

RSM Meeting Minutes Thursday December 17

Location: QTH of Cary VE4EA

Regrets:  VE4DRK, VE4YU, VE4XT

Cary VE4EA graciously hand wrote the minutes.

Meeting was called to order at 7:15pm by President, Ed Richardson
Minutes from the November 2015 meeting were approved/seconded: VE4GV/VE4EA

Opening Remarks:
The President delivered opening remarks and comments.
– Ed VE4EAR distributed the NG3K.COM upcoming DXpeditions list

Financial Report:
Ed VE4YU had delivered a current RSM financial statement, but was unable to attend.  VE4HAZ presented the details in his place.
VE4YU has delivered a bank draft to VE4EAR for the balance of RSM funds as at December 17: $869.38.  VE4EAR will transfer these funds to the new Treasurer.  A new RSM bank account will be set up.
2016 RSM memberships renewals will be due in January 2016.

Elections for 2016 were held :
President:  Ed -VE4EAR
Vice President:  Rob- VE4GV
Secretary:  Dan-VE4DRK
Treasurer:  Harm-VE4HAZ

There was a discussion about the upcoming RAC Winter 2015 Contest ,  December 19.  Operating tips and suggestions were given.

A discussion was held about future meeting topics.  Some suggestions include:
– QSL methods and online systems.
– Low noise receiving antennas
– Discussion about 6m Sporadic E propagation.  Discuss in advance on the 2016 season (April meeting)
There was a discussion about a proposed day-long RSM sponsored RadioSport University  in April 2016.  A date needs to be selected.  (VE4EA is arranging)

Next meeting (January 2016) will be at the home of VE4EAR.  Date TBA

The meeting was adjourned at: 9:15pm