Minutes – 2015-09-17

Thursday September 17, 2015

Location: QTH Of Dan VE4DRK

Twelfth Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group

In attendance:

Adam VE4SN


Cary VE4EA




Kelly VE4XT




Ed VE4EAR started the meeting at 19:30


Prior meeting minutes passed.

1 Correction.

Motion: Ed VE4YU, Harm VE4HAZ


Ed VE4YU presented financials. 

Motion to accept: Ed VE4YU, seconded Leor VE4DXR

$951.75 balance.


Discussion on last meeting, W0GJ, how well it was received.

Someone should send out the thank-you for donations received.  President Ed VE4EAR acclaimed to do so.


Field Day:

Ed VE4YU showed youtube video of raising the antenna.

Cary VE4EA expressed the point totals.  Not that much greater than last year.  107 more QSO’s.  1100 QSO’s.

GNR camping provided spare trailer for operation – worked great.

We maxxed out on all bonus points except for GOTA station and youth.

Everyone was busy – could use more help.

Discussion on greeter position – discussion on requirements.

Cary discussed the digital communications in use, connected to each other and internet, VoIP phones in each station.

Tower discussions AB577?  Reach out to Lee VE4LS who may have one.  Discussion on whether one should be in use for field day.

Kelly VE4XT mentioned Spiderbeam support pole 50’ $500 rotatable from base.

Cary VE4EA mentioned 15m monoband yagi being donated by Tom VE3CX  As well as 80m inverted L antenna.


Cary presented on VY1JA remote station. VY1AAA.

There is only one station in Yukon working CW contests.  Necessary for clean sweep, hard to get.

VY1JA is opening his station to be available to be worked local or remotely.

Cary mentioned approval of remote stations for contesting from ARRL.

Station location is the important component.  All stations must be within 500km of each other.

Discussed the crowd-funding to support VY1JA.

VY1JA and Cary VE4EA have been test cases for this project.

Discussion for uses for local group, other contests, shared contesting.




Ed VE4EAR – Contest Calendar


Texas QSOP

California QSOP

RTTY Contests – Russian etc

CQWW End of Oct.


TOPICS For upcoming meetings.


Reverse Beacon Network

Solarham refresher.

(Cary says ‘watch the proton flux’) – when rising, indicator of good propagation.


DXPeditions/etc coming up:

Kosovo, Vietnam

Heard Island, Palmira


Local issues:


VE4GV – 40m antenna skewed

Inaldo – Italian Amp arrived 1.3 from expert amps – very sweet.


VE4HAZ – no tower this year.


VE4EAR – 40m beam is CW only.  Switch controller busted.


VE4EA – needs an dipole antenna put up.


VE4YU commented that RSM should include information in each Newscaster.


VE4DRK would like to put up members ham BIO’s / experience /etc to supplement the newscaster articles.


VE4EA moves we sponsor one of the RAC contest.  Maximum of $100.  VE4EA tasked with contacted VE5SF for assistance.

Seconded: Harm VE4HAZ



Cary VE4EA showcased Gerry W1VE working remote from his skype software.


Set a date for the next meeting?
Leor VE4DXR willing to host in October, Thursday Oct 15.  Tentatively set.


Move the meeting adjourn.  21:45

Adam VE4SN.