Minutes – 2015-06-09

Tuesday June 9, 2015

Location: CanadInns McPhillips

Eleventh Meeting of the Radiosport Manitoba (RSMB) group

Everyone started gathering at about 1800hrs for buffet dinner

Attempt at remote site until just after 1900hrs


In attendance:

Adam VE4SN


Cary VE4EA




Kelly VE4XT

Regrets: Ed VE4EAR, Leor VE4DXR




Rod KE0A

Nancy K9DIG

Charlie KI0LS



Shelly K7MKL

Sylvia XYL of SN

Irene XYL of YU

Gerry VE4GKS

Peter VE4TTH

Glen W0GJ

Gordon VE6SV

Marion XYL of EA



Cary started meeting at 19:30


Minutes were read by Dan VE4DRK.

Approval of last April meeting minutes.

Rob VE4GV move.  VE4HAZ seconded.


Cary Opening remarks.

The group has been meeting for about 1.5 years.

Welcome to guests and guest speaker.

Welcome from North Dakota and the “Province to the west” as Cary put it.

Of note – the ND meetings are weekly at 6am! 

Welcome to XYL’s.



Discussion on remote stations and RAC contest – TBA.


Treasurers Report:


Since the last meeting, nothing in, nothing out.

Balance 481.45

Move the report to be accepted.  Adam VE4SN


Ed VE4YU discussed:

ED VE4YU Cary VE4EA, Ed VE4EAR designing logo for the club.

A certificate is also being designed to present when joining.

Ed VE4YU came up with ideas as starting point.

Distribution of a sample certificate was provided.


Cary VE4EA has a motion to propose:

RSM will allow non-resident licensed amateurs to become associate members of RSM. Associate members have full voting rights at any RSM meeting and are entitled to all the benefits and privileges provided regular members except:

– Associate members may not hold an executive position (Pres, VP, membership, secretary)

– Associate members may not introduce motions to be voted on.

– for 2015 the Associate member fee shall be $10.00.

Seconded: Ed VE4YU.  Motion carried unanimous.


Field Day plans:

Team organizers present Dick VE4HK and co-manager Jack W6NF.  WARC field day plans are well underway.

Club has approved purchase of new tri-band yagi and it has arrived and Will be tested before field day.

Meetings are occurring weekly via in-person and by phone.  About 70-80 people counting on coordinators.

VE3CX will be guest.

Focus on bonus points — Going for additional 1000 points for extra participation.

Location is same as last year, CMU – Canadian Mennonite University.

Some of the antennas: 40 m antenna.  80m inverted L.  new triband.

Call out for rigs.  TTH and GKS discussed – may have options.



VE4EAR will be RAC station.


Harm VE4HAZ has new antenna/tower ready to be poured/erected prior to winter.


Nancy K9DIG mentioned she’s bringing up an m2 4×4.


Nancy K9DIG belongs to a group that meets at 0900Z 7163KHz.


Ed VE4EAR has provided a list of upcoming dxpeditions.



Cary introduced Glen W0GJ.


Very interesting presentation .. ending at about 8:55pm.


An auction was performed by an item donated by Ed YU – a realistic weather radio.

New ham Don VE4DFM competed with Nancy .. Don won at $35.00  Thank you Don.


An auction of a petrified ‘stone’ from W0GJ.  $270.00 (CDN).  Again, Don VE4DFM competed with VE4DFM.  Don won at $270.



RSM Presented Glen W0GJ with a token of appreciation … 1950’s vintage 304TL tube mounted on a plaque.


30 minute break and further presentation


Starting at 21:30hrs Presentation “Is 3 db worth a divorce”?


Ending at 21:55pm.