Radiosport Manitoba Minutes – 2018-12-13

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Online Meeting: Using Free Conference Calling Software (FCC) (Meeting notes by Cary VE4EA)

Ed VE4EAR opened the meeting at 19:27  
Prior meeting minutes – Not Reviewed
Treasurer Report: None
Bank Balance: TBA  

Attendees & Meeting Notes:
Cary VE4EA – New Antenna and Remote operation in CQWW CW 2018
Ed VE4EAR – In the middle of antenna repairs.  
– Public Safety Communications Office: Ed was awarded Technologist of Year 
– PJ2T Curacao, CQWW SSB Contest Expedition
VE3KI/VE4AEO – Richard
– Rich set a new VE4 record for ARRL Sweepstakes CW, High Power
Kelly VE4XT – Kelly will be operating contests from his cottage
Jack VE4SNA/W6NF / K0JP – New callsign.  Jack and Shelley will be operating contests from both Ontario and Minnesota
Shelley AC0MN – operating many RTTY contests
– Jack is requesting that we update the RSM listing with the ARRL Contest Branch
John VE4VJR – John introduced the WARC Centennal Hamfest, June 2 2019
– New Hex Beam
Jessy VE4JBB – Jessy participated in CQWW SSB and entered in Classic mode with over 1,000 QSO’s
– new Spiderbeam in Teulon
Gord  VE6SV – A team of operators entered CQWW CW and set a new VE6 Multi-Multi record for VE6 (over 6.3 million points).
– RSM contesters are welcome to visit or operate VE6SV (Edmonton).

Meeting presentation by Gord VE6SV. He gave a presentation about his station, antennas, etc

Regrets:  Harm VE4HAZ, VE4DRK

RAC WINTER CONTEST coming up in Dec. Someone to take VE4RAC  

Next Meeting date Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Home of Jessy,, VE4JBB.

2051 hrs meeting adjourned.